About Me

Girish Kumar
Girish Kumar

This website is created for the help of the people because it has

knowledgeable information about Education and Career. In this site

you will find blogs which is in Hindi. Those students who study in Hindi

they can read my blogs online at this website. And other hand, students

can read blogs in English at this website .

My name is Girish Kumar and I am a professional

Digital Marketer/Blogger/YouTuber/Teacher/Photographer and

Financial Consultant. I have a very small team, me and my two

sons who operate this website. People can read my blog and decide to

choose their career according to their interest.  I have two kids and I

stay in East Delhi. I have read The Gita, The Mahabharat, Shrimad Devi

Bhagwat Purana, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Think And

Grow Rich, You Can Win, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Rich Dad

Poor Dad etc. I love to read Think And Grow Rich too many times. I

have also a YouTube Channel for knowledgeable videos. My channel

name is ” Girish Kumar Sare “.